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Speaker Profile: Jan Jaap van Weering

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Etiquette and Protocol Consultant

On the third day of the International Diplomacy Forum 2019, Delegates will be treated to an in-depth Etiquette and Protocol Session by Master Trainer, Jan Jaap van Weering.

After completing his education and his conscripted military service with the Marine Corps, Jan Jaap van Weering joined the Marketing Retail organisation of Royal Dutch Shell plc, in the Netherlands, where he coached trainees and colleagues in customer and client courtesy.

Throughout his career, Van Weering observed the struggles that many people faced in formal situations, or when conversing with high-profile individuals. These observations inspired him to found his company Distinguished, which celebrated its 10th year in 2018.

In addition to conducting workshops on etiquette, Van Weering works as lecturer within the Institute of Protocol The Hague and as a guest lecturer with the IVA Business School, the Netherlands Defence Academy and at Stenden Hogeschool.

Van Weering has also contributed as a guest editor to the Dutch Financial Times NL, and he is the author of the book 'Distinguished,' which details International Business Etiquette and Manners.

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Friday, July 12 2019

Etiquette and Protocol Session by Jan Jaap van Weering

Etiquette & Manners – General etiquette, history and the importance of etiquette & good manners.

International Etiquette & Manners – Crossing cultures and cross cultural awareness, 'do’s and don’ts.'.

Personal Presentation – How to introduce yourself, what to say, the handshake, kiss, bowing ceremony and how to present a business card.

Dress codes – Business Attire, Tenue de ville, Lounge Suit, Business Casual, National Dress, Black Tie, White Tie and Morning dress.

Protocol – What is protocol? How to treat a VIP, and Members of a Royal Family.

Invitations – Reading and answering an invitation, what to bring for the host, RSVP, PM, Regrets Only, and writing a Thank You note.

Attending a Reception - Arrival time, how to introduce yourself, how to approach a VIP, what to discuss, and at what time to leave.

Dining Etiquette - 2-3 course dinner 'do’s & don’ts.' How to handle Chinese and Japanese chopsticks, and eating with the hand.

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