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Speaker Profile: Talyn Rahman-Figueroa

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

CEO of Diplomacy Consultancy and independent Government Communications Strategist

Known as the original ‘Grassroot Diplomat,’ Talyn Rahman-Figueroa is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Grassroot Diplomat, a diplomatic nonprofit consultancy with a mission to make diplomacy inclusive for everyone.

Pioneered by Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, the Grassroot Diplomat aims to bridge the gap between governments and civil society by coaching Diplomats, Embassies and Institutions through complex and highly bureaucratic environments, and assisting them to rebuild relationships with the public. Rahman-Figueroa works closely with foreign governments and various public sector organisations in delivering high-level projects for the public good.

"I founded Grassroot Diplomat to strengthen the relationship between governments and civil society as global riots started to become the norm for young people voicing their frustrations to governments. Over the past few years, Grassroot Diplomat has evolved as a brand that serves the diplomatic community to ensure that governments are effectively representing their people, both at home and abroad. This means modernising how diplomats operate with investors and communities, making embassies actively visible, helping countries break stereotypes and misconceptions about themselves through public diplomacy activities, and re-purposing their focus so that their people are not an afterthought to their job."

Ms. Rahman-Figueroa's work also recognises remarkable active-service diplomats with The Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award, changes public perceptions of embassies though effective Digital Diplomacy, and empowers “citizen diplomats” with her Grassroots Diplomat Talks Podcast. Additionally, Rahman-Figueroa is the creator of the “Diplomatic Planner”, a 12-month career development planner designed for international relations and diplomacy.

She is the author of 'Women in Diplomacy: An assessment of British female ambassadors in overcoming gender hierarchy, 1990-2010, and her new book, Brexit Handbook: Management of Civil Society Crisis for Global Diplomats, will be out later this year.

At the International Diplomacy Forum 2019, Rahman-Figueroa will address topics:

  • Everyone is a Diplomat - An eye-opening exhibition that clarifies how everyone plays the role of a diplomat in the wider scope of international relations at home and abroad.

  • Personal Branding for Diplomats - Self-development guideline for international relations practitioners that embraces emotional intelligence, cultural humility, self-awareness, and personal branding principles.

  • Self Development in Diplomacy - Looking at the challenges of a diplomatic career and how to prepare oneself for a career fueled by protocol, bureaucracy and ethically-minded decisions.

  • Practices of Modern Diplomacy - How modernized operations in diplomatic relations can break national stereotypes and misconceptions at local level.

To listen to episodes from The Grassroot Diplomat Podcast, please visit here.

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